About us

Expressions of Awe is that look on a child's face on Christmas morning. We like nothing better than to hear the gasps of young children as they pass through our range in the store.

As a family run business connected to Cooktown Newsagency we have been involved in the Toy and gift industry for over 25 years having been in Cooktown since 2016.

Over the years our business has supported our community and local clubs and also provide tournament support to Gaming events in other areas.

For our customers, who cannot get into the store due to work, or wanting to provide a surprise for that special someone, or for family of loved ones living In Far North Queensland we provide a click and collect service for them to purchase quality product from a reliable source.

Expressions of Awe also provides competitively priced delivery, for those outside our area or those who cannot get into the store.

Being a Bricks and mortar store and with an online presence we give our customers more confidence that  if anything does go wrong with an order, that there is a face at the other end of the chain and not just a web site.