X-Shot, good healthy fun for kids of all ages

So what is X-Shot. X-Shot is a brand of children's toy which comes in Dart gun or Water gun. X-Shot comes in a wide range of colours (or skins) and sizes from pistol, rifles to belt fed machine guns.

X-Shot is of a quality which is equal to the best competitors in the market, it is not a lesser brand to Nerf, it is an equal.

Over the years it has partnered with many brands for example Sonic the Hedgehog.

They are an awesome gift. Here at www.expressionsofawe.com.au

X-Shot is a brand of Zuru dart blasters that was released in 2011. Eleven dart blaster series exist under the brand: X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Zombie, X-Shot Pink Series, Bug Attack, X-Shot Ninja, X-Shot Chaos, Dino Attack, X-Shot FaZe, Skins, X-Shot Insanity, and X-Shot Pro.

How does an X-Shot work? There's a safety button to disengage once the blaster is unlocked. After that, the lever primes the blaster and rotates the cylinder, and the trigger fires. You can load darts via a slot on either side of the shell, and the cylinder can be freely rotated by hand when doing.
X-Shot is good healthy fun for kids of all ages. From the time we had kids they have wanted to play and run. With the invention of a spear or sword, kids used a stick and played with them. When we invented the gun the sticks transformed into a gun and the cries of "bang, bang, I got you" were heard in back yard and fields across the world. We then had cap guns and we did not have to say bang anymore, now there is no arguments over weather I got you or not.
X-Shot is made from a hard plastic and the darts are made out of foam.
Recommended for children aged 5+  

If you find yourself in Cooktown Queensland, be sure to come visit us and see the X-shots range in person. We’re at 98 Charlotte Street Cooktown.

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